"Christian Cordan" Eddings is a singer, songwriter, producer, photographer, videographer, graphic designer, model, and actor.  A native Arkansan, “Christian Cordan,” was born in Little Rock, Arkansas, where he graduated from high school, Parkview Performing Arts Magnet. He earned a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from The Prestigious, Morehouse College, Atlanta, Georgia, graduating Cum Laude and a Master of Public Service from The University of Arkansas Clinton School of Public Service at Little Rock. His style of music is Contemporary R&B/Soul, orchestrating a genre of smooth melodies and abstract lyrics with a strong southern influence that is unique and distinct.

Christian Cordon’s music is intentional and very cathartic, greatly inspired by his past lamentations, relationships, and mistakes as well as his visions of the future to inspire others from his personal journey. He is very passionate about inspiring others to follow their dreams while striving for the highest levels of performance and never give up.  Christian Cordan wants to demonstrate through his music how one can be motivated to soar high above every day, commonplace acceptances in life. His music is designed to inspire others to embrace the possibilities of catapulting above the rest even when one seems anchored in seemingly inscrutable interrogatives of life.  He believes, that in spite of the gravitational pulls of personal challenges, that one can take a lesson from the bumblebee who, according to the laws of physics, is not supposed to be able to fly, but chooses to fly anyway.  Don't let the physics of life's interrogatives hold you back.  Find the answers in the sky and actualizing your full potential!




Nominated for 2016 SCM Awards: 

Song of the Year (W.A.R - Christian Cordan & Young Kix)

Video of the Year (W.A.R - Christian Cordan & Young Kix)

Best New Artist (Christian Cordan)